What Are Reasonable Courier Services Rates In Singapore?

If you have read my first post, you should know that there are different prices for various types of courier services in Singapore, for example document versus parcel deliveries in SG. Now, let us talk more about what kind of pricing you should expect in dollars and cents.

There are so many courier services and companies in Singapore, so let us compare using just the best courier company in Singapore, PCAMasters. In my opinion, they offer very reasonable rates and that is why I want to use them as an example courier company in this article to educate you.

First of all, most courier companies would have a base rate for parcels and documents (different rates) and then there would be distance and/or weight/dimension surcharges on top of that. This is the most common pricing in Singapore for courier companies providing ad hoc services. Therefore, do not be shocked if you get prices different from their base rates. So many people in Singapore (or rather, individuals) get surprised by this. It is actually a standard practice for all courier companies in SG.

Second of all, there are same day and next day deliveries for parcels and documents. Same day and/or urgent deliveries would naturally cost the most, followed by next day deliveries. Most of the courier starting rates for next day documents delivery is around $6, and approximately $8 to 9 for same day delivery. Most courier services start from $10 for next day parcel delivery, and around $15 for same day parcel / non-document deliveries.

Third of all, most companies will charge higher prices for either pick up or delivery locations which are at extreme outskirts of Singapore such as Tuas or heavy security areas like Airline Road. Therefore, if your item pick up or delivery location is at such extreme locations and/or are situated very far apart from each other, it is only natural for courier services to be slightly more expensive for you. Just like a taxi ride would cost more the longer the distance, the courier service rendered would cost more too!

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