The Last Mile In Delivery Services

Everyone affectionately refers to courier companies as providing courier services, but what they really do is far more important than that. They are also known as the last mile delivery companies. Companies like Regent and PCA Masters are considered last mile delivery companies in Singapore.

As you can see from the video above, being a courier company has lots of responsibility. What you are essentially seeing is only the ending 20 seconds of the courier passing the item to you and you signing off on it / their consignment note. However, there are tons of things they need to do before reaching that stage. First of all, they would need to get orders from their E-commerce business partners and / or any customer. Once that is done, there will usually be administrative personnel or a software to allocate couriers to their allocated jobs. These couriers would then need to quickly plan out their routes either through software or experience and travel as quickly as possible to the pick up point and pick up the item from the sender. Then, the courier will need to complete any other deliveries on the way, if any, and then deliver the item we’re talking about to the end recipient. All these needs to be handled smoothly. Sometimes, there may be delays due to traffic jams e.t.c. However, a courier services company should try to negate this and reduce the chances of not arriving on time by having contingency plans for back up couriers e.t.c. who will take over the job in such an event!

There are lots of deliveries they need to perform, and it’s not just about your delivery. This means that if you think delivering one item can be a hassle, and that’s why you engage courier services, imagine the vast volume of deliveries they need to carry out each and every single day. It’s pretty impressive when you think about that. That’s why I always feel amazed by the efficiency of such great courier companies like PCA Masters because they make coordinating courier orders so simple for the end consumers, which is awesome.