Choose your Singapore courier company wisely

We all like to look for the best deals for ourselves. This is especially so for businesses which are always on the lookout for reliable partners to work together for the long term. For businesses that are on the lookout for reliable Singapore courier companies, here are some key things you must consider in the courier company.

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1. Response time
Does the courier company respond quickly to your enquiries? Response time is a critical factor simple because the customers are very eager to know about the company’s pricing and the status of their parcels in real time. Although technology may automate this via transparent display of pricing in the courier company’s website or mobile application and also via Global Positioning System (GPS), some people still prefer to talk to a human being for that matter. They want to be served and not to look for information actively themselves. Courier companies that provides fast response time respects the customers. PCA Masters ( is one such company in Singapore that provides fast response time to customers.

2. Punctuality
Courier companies must be punctual to collect the parcels and also to deliver the parcels. Customers expect courier companies to be punctual. Most people in Singapore wants their items to be delivered on the same day. If the parcels are delivered only after a few days, customers may instead mail their items via SingPost. Punctuality and speed are critical for courier companies.

3. Honesty
In business, integrity is one of the top considerations when choosing business partners. We want a reliable partner to work together for the long term. When something happens, we expect our business partners to come clean with us and tell us what exactly went wrong. Things should not be hidden and covered up. This behavior will not solve the issue and the same thing may happen again the next time. I believe people in Singapore appreciates honest businesses.

4. Financials
Businesses like to work with established companies. The top reason behind this is that established companies are more financially stable than younger companies. Hence, the established companies will be able to last for a longer time generally speaking. This is important because businesses want to work with counter parties for the long term. If their business partners fall, they will have to look for another company to collaborate together. This will incur unnecessary time wastage.

5. Good service attitude
A good courier company knows how to serve its customers well. This means providing a good service attitude to the customers. Good service shows sincerity and effort to keep the customers happy.

Differences Between Courier Services And Postal Services

Here are some of the main differences between courier services and postal services in Singapore – not everyone may know the difference. Here are some of the key ones.

If it’s something important, you should definitely courier it instead. This is because postal services are not accountable for missing items, hold no responsibility and won’t even bother helping you look for the item in the event that it goes missing. This is simply unacceptable when it comes to documents. You need reliability and accountability on the part of the deliveryman. A courier is a person who will hand deliver your items to your recipient. Few courier companies will get the courier to switch hands for the items, and usually, the person who picks up the item from the sender is also the same person who will be delivering the item to the recipient.

When it comes to postal services in Singapore, the document or item delivered will only be received by the recipient several days after you have mailed it out. Additionally, your recipient will only be seeing it in the mailbox, and not passed to him or her by hand. This can potentially result in the wrong recipient receiving it, especially if it’s company mail, and the addressee is not written or typed out properly/accurately on the envelope. On the other hand, a courier company will hand deliver documents to the intended recipient himself / herself. In the event that he or she is not around to pick up the items, then the courier company will also double check with the sender for the next step to do.

If you need speed or delivery within the same day, which is the case for most corporate documents to be delivered, then courier services is utterly important. There is no postal service which will get your item delivered within a few hours or even on the same day. Another main benefit courier services in Singapore can bring you is that they can even pick up and deliver your items at specified timings by you.

The Last Mile In Delivery Services

Everyone affectionately refers to courier companies as providing courier services, but what they really do is far more important than that. They are also known as the last mile delivery companies. Companies like Regent and PCA Masters are considered last mile delivery companies in Singapore.

As you can see from the video above, being a courier company has lots of responsibility. What you are essentially seeing is only the ending 20 seconds of the courier passing the item to you and you signing off on it / their consignment note. However, there are tons of things they need to do before reaching that stage. First of all, they would need to get orders from their E-commerce business partners and / or any customer. Once that is done, there will usually be administrative personnel or a software to allocate couriers to their allocated jobs. These couriers would then need to quickly plan out their routes either through software or experience and travel as quickly as possible to the pick up point and pick up the item from the sender. Then, the courier will need to complete any other deliveries on the way, if any, and then deliver the item we’re talking about to the end recipient. All these needs to be handled smoothly. Sometimes, there may be delays due to traffic jams e.t.c. However, a courier services company should try to negate this and reduce the chances of not arriving on time by having contingency plans for back up couriers e.t.c. who will take over the job in such an event!

There are lots of deliveries they need to perform, and it’s not just about your delivery. This means that if you think delivering one item can be a hassle, and that’s why you engage courier services, imagine the vast volume of deliveries they need to carry out each and every single day. It’s pretty impressive when you think about that. That’s why I always feel amazed by the efficiency of such great courier companies like PCA Masters because they make coordinating courier orders so simple for the end consumers, which is awesome.

Find a reliable courier company in Singapore

If your business requires some deliveries to be conducted around Singapore on a regular basis, you can consider partnering with a courier company in Singapore. Wise business owners know that they cannot possibly be handling all aspects of the company operations by themselves. For instance, a company may also be outsourcing its web hosting and accounting functions to external specialized companies such as web hosting company and accounting company respectively. By working with reliable partners, business owners can free up a lot of time for them to concentrate on the really important stuffs – strategic planning the business directions and also to manage the core operations of the company. Stuffs like deliveries are actually simple to do and do not need much thinking. It would be best if a reliable courier company can take care of the logistics properly.

Courier services are usually quite affordable in Singapore. Delivery of a small parcel weighing less than 5 kilograms will definitely not exceed $50 in Singapore. This is unlike other countries which deliveries can be charged at a much higher rate. Of course, the lower delivery rate in Singapore is partly attributed to the lower land mass in Singapore, making it generally faster and more efficient for residents to travel around. Hence, affordable courier rate is a huge plus factor towards engaging the courier services in Singapore.

If your business needs the deliveries to be conducted fast, it will make even more sense to engage fast courier services in Singapore. The couriers in Singapore know their way around Singapore well. Even though fast deliveries cost a bit pricey, they are worth the bucks. Comparing to a dedicated deliveryman that you can potentially hire, ask yourself whether the deliveryman will be as skillful and know the Singapore roads better than the couriers in courier companies. Moreover, the deliveries handled by courier companies can take part concurrently as the courier company can split out the deliveries among many of its couriers. However, you will only have one or two dedicated deliverymen to help you out. Manpower is a huge constraint.

All in all, if you need your deliveries to be conducted professionally and fast, I will recommend you to engage a courier company in Singapore, rather than handling the deliveries internally within your company. That small amount of money will be well spent to give you much fewer troubles and a lot more free time. In Singapore, I would say reliable partnerships can help to propel your company forward significantly.

Are there demand for fast deliveries in Singapore?

For the courier industry in Singapore, are there really demand for fast delivery services by the corporations and individuals in Singapore? The answer is a resounding yes. Fast deliveries are especially vital and essential for certain items such as food and vegetables. As food and vegetables have a short expiry duration, the delivery will need to be carried out fast so that the recipient will be able to consume them with ease. Imagine receiving a cooked food which took 2 or 3 days delivery. Most food will turn bad, unless there are some preservatives of some sorts added.

Even if the items do not have a short expiry date, the recipient may be in urgent need of receiving the items fast. For instance, hospitals may be in urgent need of receiving some biomedical items to save lives or for urgent research purposes. It is therefore, required for the biomedical items to be transported quickly to them from external parties. Deliveries of this nature usually need to be completed within 2 hours. Let’s take another example. Even companies require urgent delivery services. One commonly transported item with the urgent delivery service feature is document. Some companies have urgent paperwork that needs to be filled and signed by external stakeholders such as customers. Hence, they will engage courier companies to help them transport their documents to their customers for the customers’ processing. In some instances, the original sender will require the items to be sent back to them after the customers processed the paperwork. If you head to the Central Business District (CBD) area in Singapore, you will see a lot of bikers running around. There is a high chance that these bikers are working for a courier company and are helping to deliver documents.

Not only are urgent delivery services in demand in Singapore, they also command good premiums over the normal delivery service rates. It makes perfect sense for both the customer and the courier company. Customers are willing to pay for the value they see in having the delivery carried out faster. Courier company will incur higher cost in order to prioritize these urgent deliveries. It is a win-win situation for both parties. The courier industry in Singapore have established a set of very reasonable courier rates in Singapore. If you need a company that offers good rates on urgent courier services, you can check out PCA Masters. They specialize in urgent and time sensitive courier services in Singapore.

Moreover, people demand higher standards of service now. Even if the items have long or no expiry duration, or do not need to be urgently delivered to recipients, some people will still choose the urgent delivery service as they generally prefer a higher quality service for everything.

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Different Types Of Delivery Companies In Singapore

There are various types of delivery companies in Singapore and they usually specialize in different things.

First of all, there are delivery companies like PCA Masters which is a SG local courier. These are companies which perform deliveries locally within Singapore, and are very often privately owned by individuals and entrepreneurs. These usually offer a standard delivery rates for most ad hoc deliveries locally within Singapore, as well as special rates for (usually business) customers which require large volumes of deliveries per month on a consistent basis. Courier services are often engaged by companies which need to deliver urgent and very important pieces of documents.

Next of all, there are international courier companies which have some kind of delivery services in Singapore as well. These are companies such as Fedex and DHL which also have a local presence within Singapore and make deliveries in Singapore too. However, they’re not used as a local courier service provider most of the times. Their services are usually engaged when a customer were to make a purchase from an overseas business and the item(s) were to be delivered to a recipient in Singapore. Their local only delivery services can be quite expensive hence most people only use Fedex and DHL for the overseas delivery services they provide.

There are also postal companies, and the main one would be SingPost. SingPost is the main postal company and they provide deliveries of all letters. This service is obviously the cheapest but is also the slowest. Letters usually only get delivered after 1 or 2 working days, and there is no guarantee that your letter will reach the intended recipient. There is also no form of tracking when it comes to this. In fact, fewer people use postal services these days for sending messages, when Whatsapp is free for most people, and email is also readily available. Additionally, when it comes to very important documents, people trust courier services more, as the items are accounted for and the recipient also has to sign off on a consignment note after receiving the item(s).

What Are Reasonable Courier Services Rates In Singapore?

If you have read my first post, you should know that there are different prices for various types of courier services in Singapore, for example document versus parcel deliveries in SG. Now, let us talk more about what kind of pricing you should expect in dollars and cents.

There are so many courier services and companies in Singapore, so let us compare using just the best courier company in Singapore, PCAMasters. In my opinion, they offer very reasonable rates and that is why I want to use them as an example courier company in this article to educate you.

First of all, most courier companies would have a base rate for parcels and documents (different rates) and then there would be distance and/or weight/dimension surcharges on top of that. This is the most common pricing in Singapore for courier companies providing ad hoc services. Therefore, do not be shocked if you get prices different from their base rates. So many people in Singapore (or rather, individuals) get surprised by this. It is actually a standard practice for all courier companies in SG.

Second of all, there are same day and next day deliveries for parcels and documents. Same day and/or urgent deliveries would naturally cost the most, followed by next day deliveries. Most of the courier starting rates for next day documents delivery is around $6, and approximately $8 to 9 for same day delivery. Most courier services start from $10 for next day parcel delivery, and around $15 for same day parcel / non-document deliveries.

Third of all, most companies will charge higher prices for either pick up or delivery locations which are at extreme outskirts of Singapore such as Tuas or heavy security areas like Airline Road. Therefore, if your item pick up or delivery location is at such extreme locations and/or are situated very far apart from each other, it is only natural for courier services to be slightly more expensive for you. Just like a taxi ride would cost more the longer the distance, the courier service rendered would cost more too!

Parcel Deliveries Vs Document Deliveries In Singapore

There are some differences when it comes to parcel versus document deliveries conducted by courier companies in Singapore.

First of all, there are companies which specialize only in document deliveries. These are usually very small companies with only a handful or fewer couriers in the company and they use bikes to operate. This is because bikes are cheap in Singapore and they are more than enough for document deliveries (as these documents can be put within the enclosed containers at the back of motorcycles. Take note that some companies only hire couriers on bikes for document deliveries, so make sure to find out and clarify this point first if you need to deliver a bulky parcel or item.

Next of all, there are courier companies like PCA which provides both local document as well as parcel deliveries. Usually, most companies which provide parcel deliveries are able to provide document deliveries also, but not vice versa. That is why a parcel delivery company like PCA Masters or Regent Courier Service are able to grow much faster than those which just depend on motorbikes. (Of course, it is within reason. A general logistics company will be using large lorries and trucks and will not bother with moving small parcels or documents for individuals.)

Generally, parcel deliveries in Singapore are more expensive than that of document courier services. This is simply because van drivers usually cost more to hire and they can take fewer deliveries per day as they are not able to navigate in traffic as quickly as motorcyclists can. Additionally, vans cost more to lease or purchase as well relative to motorcycles.

In short, do not be surprised if you get charged rather significantly different prices if you were to deliver a parcel instead of a document. This is simply like the pricing differences between delivering a small item and a really bulky item. Just like how furniture or house moving services in Singapore generally cost a lot more than parcel deliveries, parcel deliveries also cost more than document delivery services in Singapore. It’s just that simple.