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Who Are The Men in Singapore Who Turn To Social Escorts?

A lot of people like to make out as though the men who look for escorts are dodgy or so super ugly. That cannot be further from the truth.

First of all, some of these men are super successful, take care of their appearance e.t.c. However, they may not have dated much when they were younger, and are now in their late 30s or young 40s. Unfortunately, it is not easy to date a 20 to 25 year old lady when you are around age 40. None of the regular dating applications like Tinder, Paktor e.t.c. would work since none of these girls look for men aged 40 or more. Therefore, it can be a problem. Of course, you could go to a matchmaker, however, sometimes these men may not yet be ready for marriage.

To solve this issue, and to get the feeling of having a girlfriend and having a female companion from time to time, they go to social escorts (because no 21 year old girl will even look at a 40 year old man at the bar and picking up young and attractive girls at the bar would be near impossible for these handsome but significantly older men! Also, most girls would not feel comfortable being with a man who is nearly her dad’s age).

Second of all, there are some men who have zero intention to get married. For these men, they usually engage both sugar babies and escorts – especially if they are a bit older, wealthy but not that good looking at all. However, for short term dating, these men would definitely have gigantic problems trying to attract anyone on a regular dating application/website as it is mainly looks based. Most dating platforms like Okcupid, Tinder e.t.c. are largely looks based. If these men do not look good, those girls do not want him. Therefore, for no strings attached relationships, they turn to escorts and sugar babies.

Third of all, there are men who want a companion to share their issues with. For example, a person may have some relationship issues or work issues, that he is not comfortable sharing with a regular friend, acquaintance or family member. This is because of privacy reasons. However, sharing it with someone online may not be enough for them. As psychiatrists treat medical issues, and counsellors only consult on e.g. marriage matters e.t.c., these are not applicable if the issues are unrelated to them. Therefore, just to get certain things off his chest, he may want to talk to a stranger – of course he wants a beautiful stranger to tell it too as she will at least be pleasing on the eyes while comforting him like a real and caring girlfriend ought to.

If you want a recommendation for a good social escort agency with the romantic girlfriend experience in Singapore, then check out SGVIPEscorts.

Reviews Of Singapore’s Top 2 Social Escort Agencies

Here is my humble reviews of what I think are Singapore’s top 2 social escort agencies.

SG VIP Escorts

SG VIP Escorts: First of all, it would definitely be none other than SG VIP Escorts. One of the most popular social escort agencies in Singapore, they have even been featured on Yahoo! front page news. This is an unprecedented news in Singapore, and to the best of my knowledge, they are also the only known registered and licensed Pte Ltd company in Singapore.

Types of girls: Nonetheless, let us move on to their in depth review. Clicking through their website, you will quickly realize that they specialize in providing escort models who are local, Singaporean girls only. They do not offer girls of other nationalities. This is a boon for people who simply love Singaporean girls Рand from what I know, many guys love SG girls to the maximum. This is a piece of great news for such guys.

Prices: Their prices are pretty reasonable, and definitely affordable. They do offer a much more premium 24 and 48 hour package, but I am not sure if anyone actually takes up that package. However, their usual 1 to 3 hour package is very reasonable, and gets significantly cheaper as the number of total hours engaged increases. I usually recommend taking them up on their 2 or 3 hour packages if you decide to use SG VIP Escorts.

Final recommendation: 9/10

Royce International

Royce International Escorts: Second of all, it would be Royce International Escorts. If you want a foreign (e.g. Russian e.t.c.) model, then Royce would be your optimal choice. They provide a general range of girls ranging from local to foreign.

Types of girls: They provide both local Singaporean models as well as foreign girls. Out of the agencies which provide foreign girls, they got to be one of the best ever. There are other agencies e.g. Madam Q, but their quality is terrible relatively. Although they provide both, I highly recommend that if you pick them, make sure to pick only the foreign ones. No point going for the locals here, SG VIP Escorts offer better ones for local girls.

Prices: Their price range is definitely much steeper and less affordable than SG VIP Escorts, and some of their girls are really expensive. I would recommend you choose Royce’s foreign girls instead, as the quality of their foreign girls are really high. If you are like me however, and like a SG girl, then picking one from SG VIP Escorts is much more affordable.

Final recommendation: 8/10

There are a few others like Luximodels, Madam Q e.t.c., but I personally wouldn’t go for them if you want the most affordable and the best in Singapore. SG VIP Escorts and Royce is definitely the best.

Why Men Are Going For The ‘Uber’ Of Girlfriend Experience

Change in Singaporeans’ lifestyles – focus on career first then family

As more Singaporeans become obsessed with their work and careers, fewer and fewer are doing dating the old fashioned way.

More and more Singaporean men are getting married later. Because of this, they have no short term goals to settle down quickly. That kind of mindset of marrying when young is long gone.

Dating ‘normally’ becomes a hassle if one is too career focused

Therefore, when marriage is not on the cards, why get together with a girl only to break her heart later? That is not only unethical to her, but it is a complete waste of time and money for you. For a successful and wealthy man, if you have no intention to get married, it is truly a hassle to maintain a relationship and get dragged to do things you have no interest in doing by a girl whom you only want to be with for the short term for perhaps a few months. A truly successful man will always put his career first. Also, if you are not yet intending to get hitched, a woman who does not understand your career mind will be problematic. It will only cause you to slow down and stay poor.

Escorts are effort-friendly and no strings attached relationships – perfect for the successful man (before he is ready to get married)

Therefore, locally, many Singaporean men are turning to effort-friendly relationships. Let’s call it the Uber of girlfriend experience… social escorts. It is cheap because you get to pick how long you want to go out for. There is no ‘unexpected’ hassles. You will not get dragged to ending shopping trips you have no interest in. Your remaining time can be spent making more money.

Social escorts’ clients, who are mostly wealthy men, engage these beautiful locals to accompany them on a romantic date out or to entertain their clients. The engaged girls will provide the romantic girlfriend experience to you. Clients are to provide financial compensation for the girls’ companionship.

When it comes to the wealthy men, they get a hot girl next to them for the evening or night in return for their cash. When it comes to young and attractive women, they are able to get a lot of cash in return for their romantic companionship to the wealthy men. The fleeting nature of such mutually beneficial relationships with no strings attached can be a great boon to busy and successful men.

Both parties are transparent about what they want out of the relationship.

This is about as shallow as dating can get. However, many local girls are also finally starting to embrace the honest nature of such types of dating. On a side note, if you are a girl and are interested in becoming a social escort in Singapore, you can put your application in at the LinkedIn page for SGVIP Services, the leading escort agency in Singapore.

Bottom line – no strings attached relationships can be a boon when you are still working on your career

If you not serious about getting married yet, then do not get into serious relationships now. That will take time away from your business in these financial building years. After all, when you are rich in future, then you can still marry whoever you want and settle down.