Choose your Singapore courier company wisely

We all like to look for the best deals for ourselves. This is especially so for businesses which are always on the lookout for reliable partners to work together for the long term. For businesses that are on the lookout for reliable Singapore courier companies, here are some key things you must consider in the courier company.

courier company

1. Response time
Does the courier company respond quickly to your enquiries? Response time is a critical factor simple because the customers are very eager to know about the company’s pricing and the status of their parcels in real time. Although technology may automate this via transparent display of pricing in the courier company’s website or mobile application and also via Global Positioning System (GPS), some people still prefer to talk to a human being for that matter. They want to be served and not to look for information actively themselves. Courier companies that provides fast response time respects the customers. PCA Masters ( is one such company in Singapore that provides fast response time to customers.

2. Punctuality
Courier companies must be punctual to collect the parcels and also to deliver the parcels. Customers expect courier companies to be punctual. Most people in Singapore wants their items to be delivered on the same day. If the parcels are delivered only after a few days, customers may instead mail their items via SingPost. Punctuality and speed are critical for courier companies.

3. Honesty
In business, integrity is one of the top considerations when choosing business partners. We want a reliable partner to work together for the long term. When something happens, we expect our business partners to come clean with us and tell us what exactly went wrong. Things should not be hidden and covered up. This behavior will not solve the issue and the same thing may happen again the next time. I believe people in Singapore appreciates honest businesses.

4. Financials
Businesses like to work with established companies. The top reason behind this is that established companies are more financially stable than younger companies. Hence, the established companies will be able to last for a longer time generally speaking. This is important because businesses want to work with counter parties for the long term. If their business partners fall, they will have to look for another company to collaborate together. This will incur unnecessary time wastage.

5. Good service attitude
A good courier company knows how to serve its customers well. This means providing a good service attitude to the customers. Good service shows sincerity and effort to keep the customers happy.