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What You Must Know Before Finding A Social Escort In Singapore

Here are some things you should know about social escorts in Singapore. This is a must read if this is the first time you are finding a social escort in Singapore.

First of all, escorts in Singapore are part time. Almost all of them are either students or office ladies, meaning they only do escort work on a part time basis. While this may not be the case in Western countries, it almost always is the case in a country such as Singapore. Therefore, if you want to book a particular escort, you need to be willing to place a deposit and reserve in advance. Obviously, if you are not particular about the type of model you meet, then being last minute is fine as well.

Next of all, social escorts are professional girlfriends for hire and companions. Find one if you are looking for a romantic companion. Do not look for one for sexual services. While prostitution is legal in Singapore, public solicitation online or otherwise is illegal.

Third of all, people with no citizenship and permanent residency are not allowed to work in Singapore. Singapore police force has been strict about this and take regular action against foreigners moonlighting in Singapore as escorts. This means that if your escort gets busted for working without legal work permission, you may also get caught up for investigation! Only make sure to hire a local social escort from a registered, local social escort agency.

So there you go. The above are some of the key things that you need to take note about before you order an escort model in Singapore. Make sure to stick to the above to have a pleasant experience in Singapore.

Are Escort Services In Singapore Legal To Use?

Due to the clickbait mainstream media & generally uninformed public, most have a wrong understanding of Singapore escort services and the legality. Here’s the truth. Firstly, escort services are legal. Now, let us break it down to truly understand what’s going on.

First of all, we need to know the following:
– What are escort services?
– What does the law say?
– Why does the media write what it writes?
– Why does the uninformed public think what they think?

What are escort services?

Contrary to what people think, escorts are not girls who accompany clients only to public events. However, escorts are ALSO not prostitutes.

If you want sexual services, go to brothels in Geylang, Singapore, where it is one of the designated red light districts in Singapore.

So what does an escort do?

In fact, an escort is simply a companion who pretends to like their clients whenever they are with them, making the clients feel as though they are their girlfriend and also entertain the clients with jokes, flirtation e.t.c. If you have been to a high class club, and have a beautiful host accompany you on a NON sexual basis, that is similar to what an escort does, except most local Singaporean social escorts are on outcall basis, meaning that they meet you at your designated location/meeting point instead of you going to them.

What does the law say?

Social escorts are legal in Singapore. Prostitution is legal. What is illegal is the prostitution of others (pimping), maintaining a brothel, trafficking people for prostitution, solicitation of prostitution (online or in public).

Therefore, if you look at the above (you can refer to Singapore’s Women’s Charter for more information), engaging an escort is not illegal. In fact, engaging a prostitute is also not illegal. However, if you try to engage a social escort for sexual services, then you may be disappointed, as that is the wrong use of a social escort. While a social escort can have sexual relations with you, that is not part of her job and must be of her own accord. If someone else arranges for it – it will be known as pimping, and you may also be asked for questioning if you engage them. If an advertisement online sells you sexual services online, that is known as public solicitation of prostitution, which is also illegal.

So what should you do?

First of all, if you want sexual services, just go to Geylang. If you want a romantic companion for the day/evening/night, then find a social escort in Singapore. They’re simply a guaranteed girlfriend experience, just like getting a guaranteed match when you swipe right on Tinder or Paktor + the girl will pretend and flirt with you heavily as though she is already your girl. Social escorts are not prostitutes.

Why does the media write what it writes?

First of all, all media around the world thrives on attention. It has to get people’s attention. Imagine this – if they had made every article matter of factly, would you read it? Probably not. They like to take some truth and then sensationalize it so that they get more eyeballs to their newspapers or online articles. They make money this way. If you read closely, escort agencies are never busted for being an escort agency. If they are busted, it is always because they are pimping, soliciting prostitution, performing illegal tax evasion.

Why does the uninformed public think what they think?

For the exact same reason why the uninformed publicly think wrongly about a lot of things. Most of the people get information only from mainstream media and whatever their friends/neighbors talk about. However, information can get passed down wrongly, and the message they hear and pass on are usually not the same as what the original person said.

Most people just read the headline of an article, and do not bother reading the terms and the content. Therefore, these people come to their own misinformed conclusions and then spread this misinformation around. This misinformation soon snowballs and becomes disastrous in terms of accuracy. This is why many people either think escort agencies are prostitution houses or that escort agencies are outright illegal. Both are not true and the uninformed public needs to educate themselves on this.

Who Are The Men in Singapore Who Turn To Social Escorts?

A lot of people like to make out as though the men who look for escorts are dodgy or so super ugly. That cannot be further from the truth.

First of all, some of these men are super successful, take care of their appearance e.t.c. However, they may not have dated much when they were younger, and are now in their late 30s or young 40s. Unfortunately, it is not easy to date a 20 to 25 year old lady when you are around age 40. None of the regular dating applications like Tinder, Paktor e.t.c. would work since none of these girls look for men aged 40 or more. Therefore, it can be a problem. Of course, you could go to a matchmaker, however, sometimes these men may not yet be ready for marriage.

To solve this issue, and to get the feeling of having a girlfriend and having a female companion from time to time, they go to social escorts (because no 21 year old girl will even look at a 40 year old man at the bar and picking up young and attractive girls at the bar would be near impossible for these handsome but significantly older men! Also, most girls would not feel comfortable being with a man who is nearly her dad’s age).

Second of all, there are some men who have zero intention to get married. For these men, they usually engage both sugar babies and escorts – especially if they are a bit older, wealthy but not that good looking at all. However, for short term dating, these men would definitely have gigantic problems trying to attract anyone on a regular dating application/website as it is mainly looks based. Most dating platforms like Okcupid, Tinder e.t.c. are largely looks based. If these men do not look good, those girls do not want him. Therefore, for no strings attached relationships, they turn to escorts and sugar babies.

Third of all, there are men who want a companion to share their issues with. For example, a person may have some relationship issues or work issues, that he is not comfortable sharing with a regular friend, acquaintance or family member. This is because of privacy reasons. However, sharing it with someone online may not be enough for them. As psychiatrists treat medical issues, and counsellors only consult on e.g. marriage matters e.t.c., these are not applicable if the issues are unrelated to them. Therefore, just to get certain things off his chest, he may want to talk to a stranger – of course he wants a beautiful stranger to tell it too as she will at least be pleasing on the eyes while comforting him like a real and caring girlfriend ought to.

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