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Why Do Girls Want To Become Social Escorts In Singapore?

In late years, many girls in Singapore want to become social escorts. However, why is there this increase in interest? In this article, we look at some of the possibilities.

First of all, with social media platforms like Instagram, many girls are now able to see the lifestyle of top socialites like Jamie Chua of Singapore. Although being an escort is different from being a sugar baby or a tai tai, it is still one of the best way for young and attractive Singaporean women to supplement their income. Most average graduate Singaporeans only make $3,500 to $4,500 per month. This means they only take home around $2,800 to $3,600 per month. However, by being a part time social escort in Singapore, they can make $1,000 to $10,000 per month extra! This is a lot of extra cash that will enable these girls to live a much better life. Of course, it is still necessary for this income to be reported and liable for potential taxation, but Singapore’s personal taxes are so low.

Second of all, most Singaporean ladies go to university. This means hefty school fees which needs to be paid for. However, not all girls have the luck of being born into a rich family. Therefore, many girls have to pay off their loans. What better way to get rid of these loans other than to become an escort part time while they are still studying? Many men like intelligent and well put together ladies, hence university students are a hot choice for clients. It is a win-win relationship because these escorts would then very likely be able to pay off their entire college loan before they even graduate! This saves them a lot of debt, interest and improves their potential credit score (versus in the scenario where if a payment is missed).

Basically, there are lots of reasons why girls in Singapore want to be an escort.

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Why Men Are Going For The ‘Uber’ Of Girlfriend Experience

As more Singaporeans become obsessed with their work and careers, fewer and fewer are doing dating the old fashioned way.

More and more Singaporean men are getting married later, and hence have no short term goals to settle down quickly. That kind of mindset of marrying when young is long gone.

Therefore, when marriage is not on the cards, why get together with a girl only to break her heart later? That is not only unethical to her, but it is a complete waste of time and money for you. For a successful and wealthy man, if you have no intention to get married, it is truly a hassle to maintain a relationship and get dragged to do things you have no interest in doing by a girl whom you only want to be with for the short term for perhaps a few months. A truly successful man will always put his career first, and if you are not intending to get hitched, a woman who does not understand your career mind will only cause you to slow down and stay poor.

Therefore, locally, many Singaporean men are turning to effort-friendly relationships. Let’s call it the Uber of girlfriend experience… social escorts. It is cheap because you get to pick how long you want to go out for. There is no ‘unexpected’ hassles or getting dragged to ending shopping trips you have no interest in. Your remaining time can be spent making more money.

Social escorts’ clients, who are mostly wealthy men, engage these beautiful locals to accompany them on a romantic date out or to entertain their clients. The engaged girls will provide the romantic girlfriend experience to you, while clients are to provide financial compensation for the girls’ companionship.

When it comes to the wealthy men, they get a hot girl next to them for the evening or night in return for their cash. When it comes to young and attractive women, they are able to get a lot of cash in return for their romantic companionship to the wealthy men. The fleeting nature of such mutually beneficial relationships with no strings attached can be a great boon to busy and successful men.

Both parties are transparent about what they want out of the relationship.

This is about as shallow as dating can get, but many local girls are also finally starting to embrace the honest nature of such types of dating. On a side note, if you are a girl and are interested in becoming a social escort in Singapore, you can put your application in at the LinkedIn page for SGVIP Services, the leading escort agency in Singapore.

The truth is that most men are superficial and look at a woman’s looks while most women are materialistic and look at how successful they think a man is going to be.

Many beautiful women will also gladly go out with you when they know you are truly wealthy.

If you not serious about getting married yet, then do not get into serious relationships, as that will not only waste your money eventually, but take time away from your business.

What Do Singaporeans Think About Dating Apps?

Have you ever wondered what Singaporeans really think about Tinder? Some guys think that it’s easy to get a date online by using the Tinder application. However, the truth is that most Singaporean girls don’t like using it. Therefore, if you try to use it to get girls, you won’t have much success – at least perhaps, not in the way you may think you will experience. This is because you may even get matched up many times, but the girls will not meet you in real life – which makes the app useless. You can even read this Reddit Thread.

Don’t believe me? No problem. Just watch the following video by The Smart Local and judge the interviews for yourself!

Actually, this is the reason why most locals and expatriates in Singapore prefer turning to either escort agency sites for short term relationships and usually date for real/seriously with work place relationships or through mutual friends.