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rich man and his girl

The Girlfriend Experience – Why Rich Men Simply Buy It

Being rich has a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are being financially free and able to buy almost anything you want. However, it also brings a whole host of challenges. The biggest challenge of all for rich men is dating.

It is often the impression that dating as a rich man in Singapore is easy. That is true… If you don’t mind marrying potentially a gold digger who may divorce you just for your financial assets that you have built up for decades.

It is therefore always the case since many years ago in Singapore that rich men opt for escorts instead.

Catch 22 – girls want to date rich guys, but do not like their workaholic attitude

One of the unique challenges that a financially wealthy man face is that he is usually busy or obsessed about his work. This means he has little time for nitty gritty things like remembering a girl’s birthday or anniversaries. This causes few women to be able to truly accept a rich man for his work obsession despite them claiming to want a rich man. Some girls also like playing the dating game in Singapore. This means that some Singaporean girls like to act blur and not be straightforward with a guy. They deny liking a guy when they actually do – in other words, playing games. However, a rich man simply has no time to deal with such stupid antics. Escorts are the easier way out for rich men. They are simply the equivalent of a luxury product designed to save time and effort.

When it comes to escorts, there are no emotional strings or mental stress attached

One of the biggest benefits that a GFE social escort brings over a girlfriend is that after her companionship with you for that period of time engaged, she will not nag at you, complain about you not giving care about her, or not understand why you have such a busy work schedule. A social escort is truly no strings attached. This is because she wants privacy, and second of all, it is her job.

Your Tinder date may be disastrous, but your social escort will always act like your girlfriend already

Another big benefit is that with an escort, you get a guaranteed ‘girlfriend experience’ if you engaged from an agency which specializes in the romantic girlfriend experience. Some agencies have girls who are unfriendly and will not treat you like their boyfriend, but will instead treat you like a stranger. Do you know the awkward difference between that of trying to pick up a random girl in Singapore versus that of a girl already being your girlfriend? That is the difference between a regular escort and a GFE one. If you get a social escort from a GFE agency, you will be able to get a girlfriend-like escort. It is a great experience if you are wanting the feeling of having a girlfriend without actually having one.

Of course, only fewer than 0.001% of agencies are able to provide this romantic girlfriend experience. And in my opinion, there is only one in Singapore which is really good. But I have not revealed it before to any friends due to wanting to keep it secret for my own discreet use. However, recently, because so many people bugged me on my social media, that I decided to share it with you guys as well – SGVIP Services Pte. Ltd.. It is of course not easy having found them… And I have kept it my personal secret for a while now. Now, I am letting you privy to it. They are not cheap, but which good social escort model comes cheap?