Differences Between Courier Services And Postal Services

Here are some of the main differences between courier services and postal services in Singapore – not everyone may know the difference. Here are some of the key ones.

If it’s something important, you should definitely courier it instead. This is because postal services are not accountable for missing items, hold no responsibility and won’t even bother helping you look for the item in the event that it goes missing. This is simply unacceptable when it comes to documents. You need reliability and accountability on the part of the deliveryman. A courier is a person who will hand deliver your items to your recipient. Few courier companies will get the courier to switch hands for the items, and usually, the person who picks up the item from the sender is also the same person who will be delivering the item to the recipient.

When it comes to postal services in Singapore, the document or item delivered will only be received by the recipient several days after you have mailed it out. Additionally, your recipient will only be seeing it in the mailbox, and not passed to him or her by hand. This can potentially result in the wrong recipient receiving it, especially if it’s company mail, and the addressee is not written or typed out properly/accurately on the envelope. On the other hand, a courier company will hand deliver documents to the intended recipient himself / herself. In the event that he or she is not around to pick up the items, then the courier company will also double check with the sender for the next step to do.

If you need speed or delivery within the same day, which is the case for most corporate documents to be delivered, then courier services is utterly important. There is no postal service which will get your item delivered within a few hours or even on the same day. Another main benefit courier services in Singapore can bring you is that they can even pick up and deliver your items at specified timings by you.