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What You Must Know Before Finding A Social Escort In Singapore

Here are some things you should know about social escorts in Singapore. This is a must read if this is the first time you are finding a social escort in Singapore.

First of all, escorts in Singapore are part time. Almost all of them are either students or office ladies, meaning they only do escort work on a part time basis. While this may not be the case in Western countries, it almost always is the case in a country such as Singapore. Therefore, if you want to book a particular escort, you need to be willing to place a deposit and reserve in advance. Obviously, if you are not particular about the type of model you meet, then being last minute is fine as well.

Next of all, social escorts are professional girlfriends for hire and companions. Find one if you are looking for a romantic companion. Do not look for one for sexual services. While prostitution is legal in Singapore, public solicitation online or otherwise is illegal.

Third of all, people with no citizenship and permanent residency are not allowed to work in Singapore. Singapore police force has been strict about this and take regular action against foreigners moonlighting in Singapore as escorts. This means that if your escort gets busted for working without legal work permission, you may also get caught up for investigation! Only make sure to hire a local social escort from a registered, local social escort agency.

So there you go. The above are some of the key things that you need to take note about before you order an escort model in Singapore. Make sure to stick to the above to have a pleasant experience in Singapore.